Shellfish Permit Fee Schedule

Family Permits

Residents of Marion, Mattapoisett, & Rochester only$25
30-Day Non-Resident (paper permit, no button)$25
Replacement Button$5

Commercial Permits: Marion & Rochester Residents Only


Commercial Shellfish (available January 1st through March 31st): Includes: Scallop, Oyster, Quahog, Eel, Slipper Shell, and whelk$225
Commercial Quahog$150
Commercial Jr. Quahog$50
Commercial Scallop (purchased January 1st to March 31st)$150
Commercial Scallop (purchased on/after April 1st)$300
Commercial Slipper Shell$100
Commercial Oyster$150
Commercial Eel with another commercial shellfish permitNo Fee
Commercial Eel without another commercial shellfish permit$25
Commercial Whelk$50

Shellfish Residency Requirements

Family Permits

  • Resident shellfish licenses may be issued to permanent residents or summer residents who can provide proof of residency and own taxable real estate with a dwelling in the Town of Marion.
  • Thirty (30) day non-resident licenses may be issued to temporary, non-resident visitors.
  • Non-residents may purchase a Family Shellfish Permit for an annual fee of $120.
  • Permanent residents of Mattapoisett or Rochester may purchase Marion Resident Shellfish Permits.

Commercial Permits

  • Residents of Marion and Rochester (for more than six months) are eligible to purchase Commercial Shellfish Permits.
  • Applicants must prove resident status
  • Licenses become invalid if residency is terminated.
  • *Persons applying for licenses must appear in person and have a current driver's license or other means of positive identification and proof of residency (if requested).

Senior Shellfish License

Must be 70 years of age.