Approval Not Required Plan List


  • The applicant submits to the Town Clerk two copies of properly completed Form 2A. The Town Clerk receives Form 2A noting date and time. One copy is filed with the Town Clerk and the other is submitted to the Planning Board.
  • The Planning Board receives one original Form 2A (signed by the Town Clerk). The Board Assistant receives Form 2A noting date and time.
  • Nine prints of the original plan and the filing fee, as outlined in the Subdivision Rules and Regulations, are submitted to the Planning Board Assistant.
  • The Board Assistant schedules an appointment for the next Board meeting. The Board must review within 21 days.
  • The Planning Board conducts a technical review of the plan and determines if it meets the frontage and access requirements of MGL Chapter 41, Sec. 81L, 81M, and 81P as well as the zoning district where the property is located.
  • If the Board withholds endorsement a letter detailing the reasons will be transmitted to the Town Clerk and the applicant within 21 days of the submittal date.
  • Once the Board has endorsed the plan it is the applicant's responsibility to record it at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds within six months. The Planning Board notifies the Building Commissioner and Town Clerk of approval. Once the plan is recorded the Building Commissioner can issue building permits.
  • The Planning Board Assistant commits the fee to the Town Treasurer.

Submit on ANR Plan

"The Planning Board's endorsement of this Plan is made pursuant to the limitations of G.L. c.41, s.81-P and shall not be interpreted as granting approval pursuant to the Marion Zoning Bylaw for any lots or structures shown on the Plan or to be constructed in the future. Nothing in this endorsement shall be read as granting approval or acknowledging conformance with the Marion Zoning Bylaw".