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  • Tucker Burr, Chair
    Term Expiration Date: 2025
  • Andrew Daniel, Vice-Chair
    Term Expiration Date: 2025
  • Eileen J. Marum, Clerk
    Term Expiration Date: 2026
  • Alanna Nelson, Member
    Term Expiration Date: 2024
  • Jon Henry, Member
    Term Expiration Date: 2024
  • Ryan Burke, Member
    Term Expiration Date: 2026
  • W. Dale Jones, Member
    Term Expiration Date: 2026


  • Doug Guey-Lee
    Phone: 508-748-3513
  • Terri Santos
    Phone: 508-748-3517


Planning Board Origin

The Planning Board is established under Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 41, Section 81A, and shall have and exercise all the powers and duties conferred and imposed by general law Sections 81B through 81GG. The Board shall consist of no fewer than five or more than nine members. Each member shall have a tenure of three years. Each year the Board shall elect a Chair and a Clerk. Note that MGL does not require a Vice-Chair but Marion chooses to elect one.

Planning Board Responsibilities as Stated in MGL

(Section 81C) Shall from time to time make careful studies and when necessary prepare plans of the resources, possibilities, and needs of the town, and upon completion of any such study, shall submit to the selectmen a report thereon, with recommendations. Said Planning Board shall report annually to the annual Town meeting, giving information regarding the condition of the town and any plans or proposals for its development and estimates of the cost.

(Section81D) Shall make a master plan of the town or such part or parts thereof as said board may deem advisable and from time to time may extend or improve such plan.

(Section 81E, 81F, 81G) Shall prepare an official map for adoption showing the public ways and parks as laid out and established by law and the existing private ways used in common by more than two owners. Shall whenever and as often as it may deem it for the public interest, change or add to such map.

(Section 81M) Establish reasonable rules and regulations pertaining to subdivisions of land that protect the safety, convenience, and welfare of the inhabitants regulate the layout and construction of ways providing access to the lots therein, and ensure sanitary conditions and in appropriate cases parks and open space.

(Section 81O) No person shall make a subdivision of any land in any city or town in which the subdivision control law is in effect unless s/he has first submitted to the Planning Board of such city or town for its approval a plan of such proposed subdivision.

(Section 81P) Endorse a plan as approval not required (ANR) if the plan does not require approval under the subdivision control law.

(Section 81Q) The Board may establish rules and regulations that do not conflict with MGL subdivision control law that sets the requirements with respect to location, construction, width, and grades of proposed ways and the installation of municipal services. Due regard shall be paid to the prospective character of different subdivisions, whether open residence, dense residence, business, or industrial, and the prospective amount of travel upon the various ways therein. Such rules and regulations may include standards for the orientation of new streets, lots, and buildings; building setback requirements from property lines; and/or limitations on the type, height, and placement, of vegetation.

(Section 81R) The Board may waive strict compliance with its rules and regulations where such action is in the public interest and not inconsistent with the intent and purpose of the subdivision control law.

(Section 81T) The Board shall hold a public hearing before approval, modification, and approval, or disapproval of the definitive plan is given.

(Section 81CC) The Board and their officers and agents may, as far as they deem it necessary in carrying out the subdivision control law, enter upon any lands and there make examinations and surveys and place and maintain monuments and marks.

(Chapter 40A, Section 5) No zoning ordinance bylaw or amendment thereto shall be adopted until after the Planning Board has held a public hearing. No vote to adopt any such proposed ordinance bylaw or amendment shall be taken until a report with recommendations by the Planning Board has been submitted to the Town meeting.

Planning Board Responsibilities From Marion Bylaws

Marion-specific responsibilities are documented in the Zoning Bylaws (Section 230) and the Rules and Regulations of Subdivisions (Section 300). These two sections implement the MGL responsibilities and expand to include Marion-specific requirements. These include:

  • Zoning districts
  • Use regulations
  • Intensity of use regulations
  • General Provisions
  • Uses by Special Permit
  • Special provisions
  • Site Plan Review and Approval
  • Specific types of development districts, subdivisions, and overlay districts.

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