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March 31st, 2021

Town of Marion - Water and Sewer Commissioners Meeting

The existing Creek Road Pump Station (PS) is a critical component of the Marion sewer system. It was built in the early 1970s and serves approximately 50% of the Town by area. The PS consists of two buried structures that are located 50 feet or less from the shoreline of Briggs Cove. One structure houses critical pumping and electrical equipment and the other is a wetwell used for flow storage before pumping. The PS is currently deficient in that the equipment is deteriorating, and is difficult to access, operate, and maintain. The PS is subject to failures due to site flooding and does not meet current resilience and safety-related design standards. It has been recommended for replacement.

Weston and Sampson have been contracted to design the new PS, and design work is due to be completed in June 2021. The new pump station design is 75% funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM), with 25% local matching funds being provided by the Town of Marion.

The new Creek Road PS will be located on the same parcel. This decision is based on a detailed alternate site evaluation that considered: costs of property/right-of-way acquisition, costs of construction to mitigate anticipated flood risks, costs to integrate the new PS with the existing collection system, proximity to residential structures, and other aesthetic considerations. To ensure the longevity of this investment, the new PS is being designed to meet the 2080 sea level rise and flooding projections. This results in a design flood elevation (DFE) of 23-ft (NAVD88). The new PS will consist of a below-grade wet well (capable of prolonged submersion) and an elevated structure that is entirely above the design flood elevation (for critical non-submersible components). The new PS will be safe and easy to maintain, highly resilient to flooding, and designed to substantially reduce the risk and impacts of system failure. The existing PS will be demolished and abandoned in place. Due to the prominent location and height of the new PS, the design will include site screening features and coastal/residential style architecture to better integrate the building with the landscape and community.

Federal and State funding alternatives are being evaluated to assist the Town during the construction phase of the proposed Creek Road PS project.

Construction of the new PS is not yet scheduled but is initially targeted to occur from December 2022 through December 2023. Sewer service will be maintained throughout construction and impacts to traffic on adjacent roadways will be minimized as much as possible.

Please direct project-related questions to:
Meghan Davis, Engineering Manager
Town of Marion
Email Meghan Davis
Phone: 508-748-3540

Creek Road Pump Station Design Update - March 31, 2021

Creek Road Pump Station - Update June 30, 2021


November 22, 2023

Project Status Update

The Marion Public Works Department and its consultant, Weston & Sampson, continue to move forward with the Front Street Pump Station (PS) Resiliency Improvements project as previously shared during the January 2022 meeting of Marion’s Water and Sewer Commissioners. This project continues to be funded (75%) by a grant from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM), with local matching funds (25%) being provided by the Town of Marion. 

The Phase 1 Improvements consist of the design, bidding, and construction of a permanent bypass connection to the Front Street PS, replacement of the air release valve located on the force main (FM), and the installation of a tapping sleeve & valve on the FM located near the intersection of Benson Brook Road and Route 6. The final design of Phase 1 Improvements was completed in January 2022 and was bid on February 18, 2022. Four bids were received from reputable contractors. All bids came in over the budgeted construction cost used in the original grant application submitted in June 2021. The higher costs were attributed to current market inflation and materials lead time conditions. The CZM Program graciously approved an increase to the grant amount to allow for the full bid of the Phase 1 scope, as well as a time extension to allow for funding to continue past June 30th, 2022. This approved expansion to the grant also increases the Town’s matching funds, as the program requires a 25% match of the total project cost. The Town of Marion appreciates CZM’s cooperation and values its relationship to bring this important project to fruition. 

Construction contracts were executed in April 2022, with construction activities beginning in early June 2022. Construction is scheduled to conclude in July 2022. The Town of Marion and Weston & Sampson have continued to coordinate all construction efforts with Tabor Academy officials, as the station is located within an easement in the heart of campus. 

Future Phase 2 of the Front Street Pump Station Improvements was limited to a preliminary level of detail, as this phase is anticipated to progress at a future date beyond this grant period and using separate funding. As discussed at the January 2022 Water and Sewer Commission Meeting, these improvements include sealing existing penetrations below the design flood elevation, installing flood barriers at the entrances on the upper level, and performing structural modifications that increase the building’s capacity for hydrostatic loading associated with projected flood levels. 

Please direct project related questions to: 

Meghan Davis Town of Marion Engineering Manager (508) 748-3540

Front Street Pump Station Resiliency Improvement Update - November 22, 2023