Reassurance Program

The Reassurance Program is a service provided to Marion's Senior Citizens who live alone. The program is intended to provide some comfort to Marion's Senior Population should an accident or illness occur at home.

Seniors who have registered for the service call the Marion Police Department every morning between the hours of 6 am and 10 am The desk officer then checks off the name of a master list. By 10 am, the office will then call any senior who has not called in and make sure everything is okay. If there is no answer on the phone, an officer is dispatched to the house to check on the senior. If the officer is convinced everything is okay, and the person left, a note will be left to notify the resident the police were there and ask to verify all is well. If for any reason the officer feels everything may not be okay, the police will check with neighbors, friends, and family, or locate a spare key to check the house.

The program has been successful in assisting several seniors who have become sick or injured. People suffering from serious medical problems such as a broken hip and diabetic reactions were located in hours instead of days.

There is no cost for the service. Any senior who wishes to participate need only to fill out an information form. The form provides the police with critical information such as medical history, any vehicles owned by the participant, family contacts, and other helpful information.

If you or a family member is interested in signing up for the Reassurance Program, please stop by the Marion Police Department or call at Phone Number: 508-748-1212. Applications are also available from the Council on Aging, Phone Number: 508-748-3570 or View Reassurance Program (PDF)