Open Air Burning Permit Information

Open Burning Season Is From January 15th to April 30th

To sign up for a permit, you must go to the Fire Station located at 50 Spring Street. Permits will be issued on or after January 15th. Once the Burning Permit is issued, there will be no expiration date.

Please remember your number! Each day that you intend to burn you must call 508-748-3508 to get permission. The State determines the criteria depending on weather conditions; this information is only available to the Fire Department after 9:30 am Please call after 9:30 am Fires must be started between the hours of 10 am and noon No fire to be started after noon All fires must be completely out by 4 pm (violators are subject to permit revocation).

  • What you can burn: Brush, cane, and driftwood from other than commercial or industrial clearing.
  • What you cannot burn: Leaves, grass, refuse, construction debris, stumps, commercial/industrial land clearing.
  • While burning: Someone must attend to the fire until it is completely extinguished. Have a water supply available (hose, pressurized water can) and rakes and shovels for controlling the fire.

If you are denied permission to burn, conditions may be too dry, windy, or overcast that day. All open burning must be conducted during periods of good atmospheric ventilation. Open burning causes air pollution and may aggravate respiratory problems. Poor atmospheric conditions combined with open burning can create smoke and odor nuisances and become a health threat. For these reasons, open burning is restricted in Massachusetts.