Full-Time Employee

Please return completed documents to the Town House Payroll Office

Required Forms

Please complete the New Employee Checklist and return it with the required forms and all necessary supporting documents.

Required Benefits Forms: Must complete Enrollment form OR Declination Form

All benefits are paid one month in advance, therefore, deductions will be doubled in the first two to three pay periods.

The only other time you may enroll (or cancel) benefits is at Open Enrollment unless you have a Qualifying Event.

Qualified changes in status include: marriage, divorce, legal separation, birth or adoption of a child, change in child's dependent status, death of a spouse, child, or other qualified dependent, change in residence due to an employment transfer for you or your spouse, commencement or termination of adoption proceedings, or change in spouse's benefits or employment status.

Please provide proof of change within 30 days of the Qualifying Event.

Additional benefits are available. Please visit the Employee Benefits tab to learn more.