Town Clerk

Mission Statement:

The Marion Town Clerk’s Office is committed to providing courteous and efficient service to all resident and non-residents alike, as well as, keeping the integrity of the Office.

Clerk Duties:

  • Chief election official, recording official, registrar of vital records (births, deaths and marriages), and the public records official.
  • Issues state licenses and permits, including marriage licenses, business licenses (DBA’s) and renewals, dog licenses, fuel storage licenses, raffle/bazaar permits and requests for public documents.
  • Responsible for all elections, census and voter registration, as well as overseeing the polling place and the conduct of all elections and elected related activity, and records all actions of Town Meeting.
  • Records and certifies all official actions of the Town, including town meeting legislation and appropriations.
  • Administers the oaths of office and maintains appointments and resignations of all Town Officials.