Job Opportunities

Current Job Opportunities Available


Summer Program Counselor

Part-Time seasonal position must be 16 or older. Counselors provide supervision of Summer Program participants with attention to all of the following: health, happiness, discipline, cleanliness, safety, routine duties and character and skill development of all participants. Teach or assist with summer programs and encourage engagement with all participants. Counselors exhibit strong personal habits, health, speech, and healthy and positive relationships with other staff that serve as a beneficial model to participants. Set a good example in ALL you do at camp. Camp is fun and a learning experience.


Part-Time seasonal position (up to 40 hrs./week) must be at least 16 years of age. Performs rescue and lifesaving techniques as required in emergency situations. Ensures that the swimming area is kept free of hazards and the proper safety regulations are followed. Applicant must be in good physical shape and have the ability to meet all physical requirements of a certified lifeguard. Must pass a swim test prior to employment. Work requires frequently standing, walking, and sitting for long periods of time and requires excellent eyesight and hearing (well within normal ranges). This position requires CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Lifeguard Training and Community First Aid and Safety. CPR/AED certification is available for new employees. This position also requires schedule flexibility, with mandatory weekends and light maintenance duties. It is mandatory that all lifeguards be available to work July 4th as well as the weekend following or prior to July 4th, depending which is closer to the holiday. Daily exercise and frequent safety drills are required. Weekend availability is required.


Part-Time seasonal position. Must be 16 1/2 years older and possess a valid Massachusetts Driver’s License. Also required is CPR/AED certification. CPR/AED certification is available for new employees.  Operates equipment of little complexity for all park projects. Hauls gravel, dirt, sand, seaweed and other materials. Perform manual labor frequent use of lawn mowers and small tools are required. Work is performed under varying field and weather conditions. Frequent strenuous physical effort is required when performing work. Physical ability to lift heavy materials such as sand stone and tools. Sanitation and cleaning of public buildings and restrooms throughout the Town of Marion. Weekend availability is required. Work on July 4th is also a must.

Gate Attendant

This is a part-time seasonal position and requires CPR/AED certification. CPR/AED certification is available for new employees. Routine inspection of all vehicles entering the gate verifying proper privilege stickers and related information. Selling of day passes. Tallying and turning in all monies collected. This position requires frequent contact with the general public including common courtesy, contact involving routine beach rules. Properly directing the flow of traffic through the gate area. Ability to carry out instructions and work independently is a must. It is mandatory that all gate guards are available to work July 4th as well as the weekend following or prior depending which is closer to the holiday.