How to Obtain Transfer Station Stickers, Beach/Parking Stickers, Guest Passes or Shellfish Licenses

If you have not obtained a 2020 Transfer Station Sticker you will not be allowed admittance to the Benson Brook Transfer Station which is run by the CMW Regional Refuse District.

The alternative to dispose of trash until you obtain your 2020 Transfer Station sticker is to go to the Rochester Rte. 28 Transfer Station.

To arrange to receive your 2020 sticker by mail please see below:

You can email a picture of your vehicle registration and proof of residency (if required) or mail in a copy of the registration when you mail in your check. If your Marion address is not on your registration you must send proof of residency such as a tax bill or a utility bill. If you are going to drop off your payment the drop boxes are front of the TOWN HOUSE on Spring Street. If you are going to mail your information and payment, mail to 2 SPRING STREET, MARION, MA 02738 ATTN: HARBORMASTER'S OFFICE.

Since the Town House is closed to the public until further notice we will mail the sticker to you. 


Transfer Station Stickers (ONLY for access to the Transfer Station)  are $40.00 each ($30.00 each if you are 70 or older) and the Beach/Parking Stickers (ONLY for parking where stickers are required) are $10.00 each (one free if you are over 70). 

Guest Passes are available to homeowners only and are $35.00. Shellfish Licenses for Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester residents are $25.00. Requests can be made via email or regular mail and proof of ownership (for Guest Pass) and driver's license (from Shellfish Licence) must be presented.

Please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment.

For more information please contact Donna Hemphill at 508-748-3515 or email to [email protected]. Voicemail and email are checked several times throughout the day.

For the policies, hours and accepted/not accepted items at the Benson Brook Transfer Station please click HERE.

Thank you.