Wait List Information


  1. The minimum age of applying for a mooring is eighteen (18) years old.  Applicant must be a Massachusetts Resident and have no other moorings in Marion Waters.
  2. Only one application per household is permitted.
  3. Moorings are for the personal use of the applicant.
  4. All requests for moorings shall be made on a Town issued application for a fee of $15.00.
  5. Assignment of mooring space: All assignments of mooring space shall be made by the Harbormaster.  At such time as a mooring space shall become available within Marion waters, the Harbormaster shall assign the space to an applicant from the waiting list, with due consideration to the date of application and physical characteristics of the vessel (size and type), providing that the applicant has met the requirements.  If the applicant refuses the mooring space, his/her name may be removed from the Waiting List.
  6. Further information on the application process and the assignments please see the Town of Marion Waterways Regulations. 
  7. For questions on individual Wait Lists please call the office at 508-748-3515.

Application for Mooring Wait List, Relocation or Boat Increase Request 

Application for Boat Berth, Dinghy Rack or Kayak Rack Request