Shellfish Permit Fee Schedule

Family Permits


Residents of Marion, Mattapoisett, & Rochester only$25.00
30-Day Non-Resident (paper permit, no button)$25.00
Replacement Button$5.00

Commercial Permits: Marion & Rochester Residents Only


Commercial Shellfish (available Jan. 1st thru March 31st):
Includes: Scallop, Oyster, Quahog, Eel, Slipper Shell, & Whelk
Commercial Quahog$150.00
Commercial Jr. Quahog$50.00
Commercial Scallop (purchased Jan 1st to March 31st)$150.00
Commercial Scallop (purchased on/after April 1st)$300.00
Commercial Slipper Shell$100.00
Commercial Oyster$150.00
Commercial Eel w/ another commercial shellfish permitNo Fee
Commercial Eel w/o another commercial shellfish permit$25.00
Commercial Whelk$50.00

Shellfish Residency Requirements

Family Permits:

  1. Resident shellfish licenses may be issued to permanent residents or summer residents who can provide proof of residency and own taxable real estate with a dwelling in the Town of Marion.
  2. Thirty (30) day non-resident licenses may be issued to temporary, non-resident visitors.
  3. Non-residents may purchase a Family Shellfish Permit for an annual fee of $120.00.
  4. Permanent residents of Mattapoisett or Rochester may purchase Marion Resident Shellfish Permits.

Commercial Permits:

  1. Residents of Marion and Rochester (for more than six (6) months) are eligible to purchase Commercial Shellfish Permits.
  2. Applicants must prove resident status
  3. Licenses become invalid if residency is terminated.
  4. *Persons applying for licenses must appear in person and have a current driver’s license or other means of positive identification and proof of residency (if requested).

Senior Shellfish License:

  • Must be 70 years of age.