Privilege Sticker Policy

Marion Resident Privilege Sticker Requirements:


Privilege stickers will be available at a cost of $10.00 per sticker during the first week of January. Stickers for residents over 70 years of age will be issued one sticker at no charge. Payment is to be made by cash or check made payable to the Town of Marion.  Proof of residency and vehicle registrations will be required for every sticker.  Photocopies of registrations will be accepted.  Stickers must be applied to the front, lower left corner of the driver's side windshield.  Stickers are valid only for the vehicle to which they are issued and are not transferrable.  There will be no exceptions.

Privilege stickers may be denied to any party who has neglected to pay taxes, fees, assessment, betterments, or other municipal charges for not less than a twelve month period.

Residents will be required to provide current vehicle registrations bearing a Marion address for every sticker obtained.

Summer residents will be asked to provide their property tax bill, a valid driver's license, and current vehicle registration.

Year-round and winter (9 month) renters will be required to provide a valid lease showing lease dates from landlords, as well as a current vehicle registration, for each sticker obtained.

Property owners who rent their homes for 9 to 12 months are not eligible for Privilege Stickers. Stickers will be issued to Year Round Rental Residents and Winter Rental Residents only.

Privilege Stickers will not be issued to Short Term Renters. A Short Term Renter is defined as someone that rents a house for vacation purposes. A Short Term Renter will be able to access Silvershell Beach, Island Wharf, Old Landing (excluding use of the boat ramp) and on street parking with a Guest Pass that the Homeowner has purchased.

If the need arises, the Homeowner may be issued a temporary Transfer Station Pass for a fee of $10.00 at the discretion of the Parking Clerk and/or Parking Clerk Administrative Assistant.

Privilege Stickers will not be issued to landowners unless a current building permit has been obtained.

Guest Passes:  One per Marion Homeowner may be purchased for a fee of $35.00, upon proof of residence, to the property owner.  The pass is transferrable from vehicle to vehicle, must be displayed on the dashboard and is not replaceable.  The pass is valid from January 1st through December 31st.  The Guest Pass is valid at Silvershell Beach, Island Wharf, Old Landing (excluding use of boat ramp) and for on-street parking.  The Guest Pass is not valid at Planting Island Beach or for the Transfer Station.

Replacement Sticker:  Replacement stickers will be issued at no cost if old sticker is returned to the town.

Stickers are available by mail.  Please enclose a copy of your registration and payment.  A stamped, self-addressed envelope is required.

Approved by Marion Board of Selectmen
October 6, 2009, Revised January 2010, Revised March 20, 2018