Fee Schedule



Personal$70.00 + $5.00 per foot (length overall – LOA)
Commercial$180.00 + $5.00 per foot (length overall – LOA)
Non-Resident Privledge Permit$100.00**
Mooring Establishment Fee$50.00
Late Payment Fee$100.00
Boat Berth Fee (Old Landing)$80.00
Boat Berth Fee (Island Wharf)$200.00
Dinghy & Kayak Rack Fee$50.00
Floats$100.00 ea. (not to exceed $500.00) + $5.00/foot on all boats 16’ & over secured to the float
Boats at Marinas$5.00/foot

A privilege permit fee of $100.00 applies to each mooring occupied by a non-resident/non-taxpayer.

Please note: Living with a resident/taxpayer for the summer does not qualify a mooring occupant for a resident mooring permit (family members included).

One additional privilege permit may be purchased at a cost of $100.00.

Please note: Taxpayers who own land only, will have to purchase a Non-Resident Privilege Permit as they do not qualify for a Marion Resident Sticker.

Revised & Approved by the Board of Selectmen - January 22, 2019

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