Capital Improvement Planning Committee


The Capital Improvements Planning Committee’s (CIPC) charter is to assist the development of capital projects and improvements by our Town’s Departments during the development of the annual budget for approval by our residents. Capital Projects are defined as Projects or Assets that cost at least $10,000 and have a useful life of at least 5 years. In the fall, we meet with each Department head and the Town Administrator to review their Capital Project requests for the upcoming fiscal year. After the reviews are completed, the CIPC rates and ranks each project based on Department priority, budget impact, regulatory requirements, public safety, equipment replacement, efficiency, useful life, cost reduction, benefit to the Town and alignment with the Master Plan. Our goal is to provide an impartial perspective for the Finance Committee, Finance Director, Town Administrator and Select Board as they develop a balanced budget for the next fiscal year.

Each year, the CIPC also compiles a 10 year Capital Plan to provide a forecast for future capital needs. It is based on new or revised plans submitted by Department Heads.

Board Members

Name Title
Paul Naiman Chairman
Richard Giberti Secretary
Casimiro Barros Committee Member
Stephen Nojeim Committee Member
Julia Olsiewski Committee Member
David Janik Committee Member
John P. Waterman Selectboard Representative
John Menzel Finance Committee Representative