Board of Health


The Marion Board of Health is charged with protecting the health, safety and well-being of all community members against environmental hazards, infectious disease threats and substandard living conditions. To ensure that we fulfill this duty to the best of our abilities, the Marion Board of Health is authorized to uphold the following responsibilities:


  • Monitor, track and report on mandated reportable infectious diseases.

  • Educate the public about disease prevention.

  • Protect groundwater, surface water and aquifers from potential sources of pollution through the proper design and careful oversight of septic systems.

  • Facilitate and enforce legal remedies available to occupants of sub-standard housing.

  • Reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses through proper licensure, inspection and enforcement of compliance of retail food and food service establishment.

  • Monitor and enforce regulations regarding health hazards such as lead paint and underage smoking and vaping.

  • Work closely with the public safety agencies (police and fire) to prepare for natural disasters; work with other boards and state agencies as need arises.

  • Provide nursing services to town residents as needed and appropriate.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

John B. Howard, MD


May 2024

Edward P. Hoffer, MD

Vice Chair

May 2025


May 2023

Staff Contacts


Public Health Director / Nurse


Shallyn Rodriguez

Health Agent


Administrative Assistant