What does Unenrolled mean and can I vote in the Primaries?

There are 3 recognized parties in Massachusetts: Democratic (D), Libertarian (L)and Republican (R). If you don't join one of these parties, you will be registered as unenrolled "U". You may vote in any primary by indicating which party ballot you would like and you will remain unenrolled. The term "Independent" has been replaced by "Unenrolled" in the state of Massachusetts; however, there are several political designations which use the word independent such as the American Independent Party, the Independent 3rd Party, the Massachusetts Independent Party and the United Independent Party. These are not actual political parties, they are designations. Anyone registered to vote in a political designation may vote in the primary and will remain in their chosen designation after the election.

If you are an unenrolled voter or a member of a Political Designation, you MUST indicate which party ballot you wish to receive if you are voting by mail or Absentee.

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