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The Marion Historical Commission, with the Town's adoption of MA General Laws Part I Title VII Chapter 40 Section 8D, has been established for the primary purpose of identifying and protecting the Town's historic resources. This includes buildings, structures, objects, and sites of national, state, or local significance based on an understanding of their historic, architectural, and/or archeological importance.

The primary responsibility of the Marion Historical Commission is to coordinate all community-wide historic preservation planning on behalf of the Town. This includes educating the public about the identification of historic resources and the importance of preserving and protecting such resources. The Commission also serves as a public advocate to advise the Select Board and other local agencies regarding matters of preservation, protection, and redevelopment of historic buildings, structures, and sites that may be under consideration by said boards.

June 2022: Marion Village Historic Survey Update, Phase I is complete

Summary: The Marion Historical Commission reports that our consultant has completed Phase I of the Marion Historic Survey Update. This work was funded by a 2020 Survey and Planning Grant from the MA Historical Commission, received in conjunction with a matching grant from the Sippican Historical Society.

The survey focuses on parts of our historic Marion Village and is subdivided into smaller units for ease of access and management. The Area forms and individual Building forms for selected properties all meet the current standards of the MA Historical Commission, the state-wide preservation agency.

These forms will all be on file at the Sippican Historical Society and at the Elizabeth Taber Library for public review, in addition to being available here on our website. These forms complement earlier work on many individual buildings completed in a 1998 town-wide survey and available on the state's MACRIS website.

The new survey covers about 125 properties in the heart of Marion Village. A map outlining the five smaller Areas is included.

Preservation Briefs - A Helpful Resource For Historic Property Owners

The National Park Service's Preservation Briefs are a series of 50 separate publications on various aspects of preservation techniques and perspectives. These NPS Publications help historic building owners recognize and resolve common problems prior to work. They can be very helpful to historic property owners and to architects and contractors in guiding you to use methods and rehabilitation approaches that are consistent with your building's historic character and distinct design elements.

Architectural Style of American Homes Book CoverBibliography of American Architectural Styles

The Historical Commission has compiled a brief list of books as introductory material for anyone interested in learning more about historic buildings and the various architectural styles most commonly found in our community.


  • Meg Steinberg, Chair
    Term Expiration Date: June 2025
  • Sidney R. Bowen, Member
    Term Expiration Date: June 2025
  • Bryan McSweeney, Member
    Term Expiration Date: June 2024
  • Will Tifft, Member
    Term Expiration Date: June 2025
  • Shelly Richins, Member
    Term Expiration Date: June 2025

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