Single Stream Recycling

Curbside Recycling Collection

Recyclable Items

All recyclable items may be placed in the bin(s).

  • All plastic containers labeled Number 1 to Number 7
  • Aluminum/tin/steel cans and lids
  • Brown paper bags
  • Glass bottles/jars, all colors and sizes
  • Magazines, catalogs
  • Milk cartons and juice boxes
  • Newspapers/inserts
  • Office paper
  • Phone books, junk mail.

Non-Recyclable Items

  • No items containing paint, aerosol, or hazardous materials
  • No window glass, dishes, pyrex, ceramics
  • No aluminum foil
  • No plastic bags.

Collection Schedule

Recycling Dates: (updated September 2019)

  • Monday Trash Collection = Wednesday Recycling Green Week
  • Tuesday Trash Collection = Wednesday Recycling Gold Week
  • Friday Trash Collection = Wednesday Recycling Gold Week

Drop-Off Recycling

  • Transfer Station, Benson Brook Road, Marion, MA 02738
  • Hours Open: Wednesdays and Saturdays 8 am to 3 pm.