Beach / Parking & Transfer Station Stickers - Available at Building Department

Shellfish Licenses Available at Harbormaster's Office

Please Note 

The Building Department (Beach/Parking and Transfer Sticker Purchases) will be closing at 3:45 pm. Monday through Thursday and at 2:45 pm on Friday beginning January 5, 2022, until further notice.

The Marion Transfer Station located at Benson Brook Road will be open for Marion and Rochester residents on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 am until 3 pm

The Beach/Parking Privilege Sticker is not valid at the Marion Transfer Station at Benson Brook Road. The Beach/Parking Privilege Sticker is $10 per sticker. Beach/Parking Privilege Stickers for residents over 70 years of age will receive ONE issued at no charge. In order to access the Transfer Station a different sticker is required. For Marion residents, the cost of the Marion Transfer Station Sticker is $50 or $40 for seniors/veterans, per vehicle and the sticker is valid from January 2023 until December 2023. Proof of residency is required. (Seniors rate is for age 70 and over) Guest Passes are available to Marion homeowners for $35. Family Shellfish Licenses are $25. Senior Shellfish Licenses are free for residents 70 or older. The proof of residency that will be accepted is a property tax bill, a utility bill, and/or a valid driver's license showing the Marion address. (The documentation requirements are listed in the policy links below.)

For Rochester residents, the cost is to be determined. Rochester residents will need to contact the Rochester Town Hall in order to purchase their stickers.

To view the Beach/Parking Sticker Policy (includes Guest Pass information) please visit Town Sticker Requirements.

To view the Shellfish License requirements please visit the Shellfish License requirements.

Please call 508-748-3516 with questions on stickers or Guest Passes. Please call 508-748-3515 with questions on Shellfish Licenses.