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Welcome to the website for Marion, Massachusetts
Welcome to the website for Marion, Massachusetts
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Electrical FAQs
Q:  I have a building permit already.  Can I perform necessary electrical work under my building permit?

A:  No.  You must pull a separate electrical permit to make electrical renovations, additions, removals or changes of any kind.
Q:  I hired a general contractor to organize my project and set up all contractors, so he has obtained all the permits that are legally required…right?

A:  Not necessarily.  It’s best to ask your general contractor and/or electrician for copies of all necessary permits in order to ascertain the permits are being pulled.  When permits of any kind are obtained from the Building Department, paper copies are always provided. 
Q:  I would like to perform my own electrical work.  Can I pull a permit as a homeowner and not a licensed electrician?

A:  According to Massachusetts Electrical Code, a homeowner may perform electrical work provided that:

1.      The work being done is residential, not commercial; and
2.      The person performing the work is the property owner; and
3.      The person performing the work resides at the property.
4.      The person performing the work must get prior approval from the Wiring Inspector.

All four of these conditions MUST be met in order for a homeowner to perform their own electrical work. 
Q:  How are electrical permit fees calculated?
A:  Fees are calculated on a per inspection basis.  For residential permits, permit fees are $40 per inspection.  (A new dwelling requiring a service, rough and final inspection, for example, will garner a $120 electrical permit fee.)  Similarly, commercial permit fees are also based on the number of required inspections, but at the rate of $80 per inspection.  Failed inspections are subject to an additional inspection fee, and must be re-inspected.
Q:  My electrician just finished the job.  Can I call in the inspection?

A:  No.  The inspection must be called in by the licensed electrician who performed the work. 
Q: I am an electrician and just completed the rough wiring.  How do I set up an inspection?

A:  Call the Building Department.  Our Wiring Inspector performs inspections Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.  If you call us by 2:00, we can usually set up the inspection for the same day.

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